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South African nursing history made it into the Grade 5 curriculum: a short history of Cecilia Makiwane.

Baker, P; de Vos, J; Edwards,M & Swanepoel,G. 2012. Cape Town, Platinum English first additional language reader. Maskew Miller Longman page 39.

Unfortunately it contains an error: Cecilia Makiwane was born on 30 November 1879 and died on the 2nd of February 1919 ( ) - at 39 years of age. The statement that she nursed for 50 years is therefore inaccurate.
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Brush, BL & Lynaugh, JE (editors). 1999. Nurses of All Nations, a history of the International Council of Nurses 1899-1999. Philadelphia, Lippincott pages 129, 137-138, 151-153.

This book was issued in celebration of the centennial of the ICN. It contains a discussion about the South African Nursing Association (SANA) and its withdrawal from the ICN in 1973.
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This book has a chapter dedicated to Professor Charlotte Searle's mother, Marguerite (Magriet) Pietersen: "Heroes of South Africa" by Ken Anderson, published in 1964. Does anybody have a copy?

Available at:

Thank you to Mrs Lillian Haynes who provided this information about her mother (Prof Searle) and grandmother (Maguerite Pietersen).
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Dear Members,

Here are a list of books which relate to the history of nursing in South Africa. Please add to the list?

Bostridge, M. 2008. Florence Nightingale: The woman and her legend. London: Penguin Books.

Du Preez, SJ & Brannigan, E. 1991. The South African Nursing Association, in State of the art of nursing: A centenary publication, edited by LR Uys, HHM Uys & WJ Kotze. Pretoria: South African Nursing Publication:33–51.

Marks, S. 1994. Divided sisterhood. London: MacMillan.

Mashaba, TG. 1995. Rising to the challenge of change: A history of black nursing in South Africa. Cape Town: Juta.

Mellish, JM. 1990. A basic history of nursing. 2nd edition. Durban: Butterworth

Potgieter, E. 1992. Professional nursing education 1860–1991. Pretoria: Academica

Rall, M. 2002. Petticoat Pioneers. Kimberley, Kimberley Africana Library.

Searle, C. 1965. The history of the development of nursing in South Africa 1652─1960. Cape Town, Struik.

Searle, C. 1972. Die geskiedenis van die ontwikkeling van verpleging in Suid-Afrika 1652–1960. Pretoria: Die Suid-Afrikaanse Verpleegstersvereniging.

Searle, C. 1975. Some aspects of nursing education, in South African Nursing Association Contemporary Series No 1. Pretoria: The South African Nursing Association:35–42.

Searle, C. 1991. Towards excellence: The centenary of state registration for nurses and midwifes in South Africa 1891–1991. Durban: Butterworths.

South African Nursing Association. 1986. South African nurses of distinction, Volume 1. Pretoria: SANA.

South African Nursing Association. 1989. South African nurses of distinction, Volume 2. Pretoria: SANA.
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