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From 1944-1994 the South African Nursing Association (SANA) was the primary and only ICN recognized professional nursing association in South Africa. In fact; membership to the Association was compulsory for all South African nurses - something that not all agreed with.

There are numerous books and articles as well as archival material to inform us about the professional activities of the SANA, but it contains little information about those nursing (and other) organizations which opposed SANA and some of its activities. The past few weeks I have been reading about the Nursing Act 69 of 1957 and the division it caused among South African nurses. This Nursing Act required of the SANA (and SANC) to introduce racial segregation in its structures and activities.

One of the best sources to access when you want to read about those nurses and women's organizations who protested against the 1957 Nursing Act can be found online:

The University of the Witwatersrand Historical Papers portal:

Find the collection titled: FEDERATION OF SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN 1954-1963
The AD1137 -Cc section of the collection provides information about the Federation's Nurses Campaign.
Read about organizations such as the:
Federation of South African Nurses and Midwives
SANA Witwatersrand Non-European Discussion Group
Rand Nurses' Professional Club
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