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Just found another clue to the question of South African Nurses' Day being held in November:

In a 1946 letter written to the South African Medical Council it is explained that the then 2-year old South African Nursing Association (SANA established in 1944), initiated a South African Nurses' Trust Fund aimed to assist retiring nurses who received no, or a very small, pension. Fund raising for the Trust continued through the year with the highlight being the "Our Nurses' Week", held in November of each year. In 1946 it was held in the week of 23-30 November.
It was hoped that in that week each nurse in the then SA Union will donate "one day's salary".

(SA Tydskrif vir Geneeskunde; 14 September 1946, page 527)
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I found a fascinating snippet in the South African Medical Journal of 7 October 1961 page 84 stating that the South African Nursing Association (SANA) celebrated Nurses' Day on 1 November of that year. Activities included "floats, photographic exhibitions, special meetings , and sporting events."

Does anybody know why it was not celebrated on the 12th of May (International Nurses' Day)? Was it an illustration of South Africa's political isolation and SANA's eventual withdrawal from the ICN in 1973? Or was International Nurses' Day simply not yet the phenomenon we are familiar with today?
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International Nurses' day is celebrated world wide every year on the 12th of May. It is Florence Nightingale's birthday.

Attached a scanned copy of the Nursing Update 23(5) celebrating three nurses of distinction as part of Nurses' Day 1999. The three nurses mentioned are:
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Edith Cavell
  • Cecilia Makiwane

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