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Thank you for the list of your publications, Dr Sweet.!

I used two of the publications when I was writing my masters dissertation: “Wanted: 16 nurses of the better educated type” and ‘Feminism, Race, Identity and the Nursing Profession in South Africa’. The topic of my dissertation was "The Professional Development of Black South African Nurses 1908-1994: a historical perspective". (a link to the dissertation is available on the Forum's Link page) The dissertation discusses the social, cultural, political and economic factors that influenced the professional development of black South African nurses. We also published a subsequent article in the African Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 2013,15(2):16-29.

At our nursing college, I often get the opportunity to share my research and its conclusions with the first and third year nursing students. I am always amazed at their level of participation in class, once they become aware of this portion of our South African nursing history. The challenge that we as South African historians have is two fold: the reluctance of fellow educators (and students) to consider the value of history in the nursing curriculum and making sure that European as well as South African nursing history are represented in the class room. British/South African nursing history are inseparable, but for very long prescribed text books and study guides only contained British and early South African nursing history. We are still in need of a new, relevant Nursing History text book.

Currently, I am working on my doctoral thesis - again a historical inquiry with South African nursing as its main theme. Your provided resource list is therefore of great value. I was not aware of ‘Nurses as Culture Brokers in Twentieth-Century South Africa’ and will therefore be off to the library to find a copy as soon as possible.
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I am adding (below) a select list of my publications in the hope they may be of some interest and look forward to hearing more about the aims and plans for the forum.
Best wishes, Helen Sweet PhD MA, BA, RN RM (FRHS)

Monographs and Edited Volumes
(2009) Mark Harrison, Margaret Jones, Helen Sweet (eds.) From Western Medicine to Global Medicine (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan) ISBN 9788125037026
(2009) Katherine Bradley, Helen Sweet (eds.) Women in the Professions, Politics and Philanthropy, 1840-1940 (Oxford: Trafford,) ISBN 9781426911873
(2008) (with Rona Dougal) Community nursing and primary healthcare in Britain in the twentieth century (London/New York: Routledge) ISBN (hdbk) 041595634X (pbk 2012) 9780415541107

Journal Articles and Book Chapters
(2013) ‘A Mission to Nurse: The Mission Hospital’s Role in the Development of Nursing in South Africa c. 1948-1975 ’ in: Pat D’Antonio, Julie Fairman, Jean Whelan, (eds.) Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing (New York: Routledge) pp. 198-217.
(2013) ‘Mission Nursing in the South African Context – the spread of knowledge during the colonial and apartheid periods’ in: Fleischmann, E., Grypma, S., Marten, M., Okkenhaug, I.M. (Eds.) Global Health, Welfare and Humanitarianism: Knowledge Exchanges in a Historical, Transnational Perspective (Oslo: Portal Forlag) pp.137-155.
(2012) (with A. Digby) ‘Social Medicine with Medical Pluralism: The Valley Trust and Botha’s Hill Health Centre, South Africa, 1940s – 2000s’ Social History of Medicine 25:1.
(2010) ‘History of Nursing: nursing identity’ in: Kate Trant, Sue Usher (eds.) Nurse: Past, Present and Future: The Making of Modern Nursing (London: Black Dog Publishing).
(2009) ‘Town Nurse and Country Nurse: viewing an early C20th district nursing landscape using a Lancashire case study’ in Katherine Bradley and Helen Sweet (eds.) ‘Women in the Professions, Politics and Philanthropy c.1840-1940.
(2009) ‘Expectations, Encounters and Ecclesiastics: Mission Medicine in Zululand’ in: Mark Harrison, Margaret Jones and Helen Sweet (eds.) From Western Medicine to Global Medicine: The Hospital Beyond the West (Hyderabad: Orient Longman) 330-359.
(2007) ‘Establishing Connections, Restoring Relationships: Exploring the historiographies of medicine and nursing’ in: Gender and History 19:3 (Autumn 2007):
(2005) ‘Putting South African professional nursing on the world map: Sister Henrietta Stockdale, 1847-1911’ in: Journal of the South African Theatre Nurse OrganisationSpecial Anniversary Issue December 2005 pp. 50-54.
(2004) ‘“Wanted: 16 nurses of the better educated type” – Provision of nurses to South Africa in the early C20th.’ in: Nursing Inquiry 11:3 (September 2004): 176-184.
(2004) (with A. Digby) ‘Feminism, Race, Identity and the Nursing Profession in South Africa’ in New Directions in the History of Nursing. S. McCann, and B. Mortimer, (eds.) (London, Routledge):109-124.
(2001) (with A. Digby) ‘Nurses as Culture Brokers in Twentieth-Century South Africa’ in: Waltraud Ernst (ed.) Plural Medicine, Tradition and Modernity, 1800-2000, (London & New York: Routledge) : 113-129.
(2000) with R. Ferguson ‘Historical Background to District Nursing’ in District Nursing: Principles and Practice, ed S. Lawton, J. Cantrell, and J. Harris, (Churchill Livingstone) pp. 81-97.
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