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The bravery of Edith Cavell, the WWI British nurse who was executed by a German firing squad, was also acknowledged in South Africa. Attached is an article that recognizes her work and explains the mystery of the bronze plaque...

Edith Cavell: famous nurse heroine. 1998. Nursing News 22(10):30.
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Most of us are familiar with the formal portrait of Dr John Tremble, the man who supported South African nurses in their efforts to establish the first professional association namely, the South African Trained Nurses' Association (SATNA). Dr Tremble called on a friend, Mr JC Smith for assistance in printing the first South African nurses' magazine: the South African Nursing Record.

In the attached article, Dr Tremble can be seen as a young man on one of the most important days of one's life: his wedding day.

I have come to realize that old nursing magazines not only provide the historical researcher with information such as dates, venues, persons involved and decisions made and/or explained. These magazines are also a reminder that historical figures were real human beings. They spent their lives in much the same way that you and I do: they had joy and sorrow; challenges and triumphs.

Source: South African Nursing Record Vol III No 30, March 1916, page 147
(DENOSA archives, Pretoria)
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The then South African Nursing Association (SANA) had a publication department which published nursing related books and journals. Many a reference to these publications are to be found on this discussion forum.
Until 1978 SANA only had one publication which it inherited from the South African Trained Nurses' Association (SATNA) namely the South African Nursing Journal.
Then, in 1978, SANA commenced with the publication of a quarterly research journal: the Curationis - the SA Journal of Nursing. The Curationis received accreditation as a research journal from the Department of National Education.
The SANA's official communication medium was a newspaper, the Nursing News, which was issued monthly.
Then in 1985 the Nursing RSA Verpleging was launched with the aim of providing continued education to SANA members.

Source: Du Preez, SJ & Brannigan,E. 1991. The South African Nursing Association in State of the Art of Nursing, a centenary publication; edited by Uys, LR; Uys,HHM & Kotze, WJ (page 44).
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Attached a scanned copy of the 1997 Nursing News magazine announcing the name change from SANA to DENOSA. (note the 1998 membership fee at the bottom of the page1)
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Spring cleaning the office last week yielded unexpected results: we found a stack of old nursing magazines. Nursing RSA Verpleging of 1991; Nursing News of 1997; Nursing Update 1999 etc!

As I work through the box of magazines, I will share with you the historical events captured in these pages. Here is the first one:
"The name is ...DENOSA!!!
Delegates at the first National Congress voted unanimously that the name of the
organisation remains The Democratic Nursing Association of South Africa"
Nursing News Vol 21 No 11, November 1997 page 8
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