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Those who visit the University of the Free State's SASOL library, make sure you access the Africana section of the library which contains the Henrietta Stockdale collection. The collection's documents and books contains valuable to information for South nurse historians.

I found two photos of Cecilia Makiwane and a photo of the Cecilia Makiwane statue in the collection. Ask the friendly librarian for Karton 12 titled "Dokumente van Prof Searle".
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Cecilia Makiwane is well known as the first African lady to register as a trained nurse in South Africa and on the African continent. What else do we know about this remarkable nurse? Let us see how much more we can discover about Cecilia Makiwane and her career.

Fact 1: We always see the same picture of Cecilia Makiwane as a nurse. Do we have any other images of her? We found two photos of a young Cecilia and five photos of her Father, the Rev. Elijah Makiwane, and the family (they were eight children) on the africamediaonline web page.
Access the web page and search "Makiwane".
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